There are currently four defibrillators serving Countesthorpe that can be accessed 24/7 as follows:-

  • Countesthorpe Methodist Church – 46 Wigston Street, LE8 5RQ
  • Countesthorpe Village Hall – Station Road, LE8 5TB (Managed by the Parish Council)
  • Countesthorpe Academy - Winchester Road, LE8 5PR (Managed by the Parish Council
  • There is also a defibrillator at the Co-op store on Main Street which can be accessed 24/7

There is a further defibrillator at the Countesthorpe Health Centre on Central Street which is accessible during their opening hours


Map showing the locations of the Defibrillators

The National Defibrillator Database shows the locations of defibrillators near you.  For Countesthorpe, type in the postcode, LE8 5TB and it will show you the position of the three registered defibrillators in Countesthorpe

In an emergency, dial 999, and the ambulance service will also tell you where the nearest Defibrillator is to your location. 

Position of Defibrillator at Countesthorpe Academy, accessed from Winchester Road 



Position of Defibrillator at Countesthorpe Village Hall, Station Road


Position of Defibrillator at the Methodist Church, Wigston Street