Parks and Open Spaces

Parks & Open Spaces Owned and Maintained by the Parish Council

Countesthorpe Parish Council owns and is responsible for the following parks and open spaces within Countesthorpe. Please contact the Parish Council offices with regard to any of these areas:

  • Dale Acre Park and Play Area, Dale Acre LE8 5QL. Including play equipment for toddlers and teenagers and outdoor gym equipment
  • Centenary Paddock, Station Road LE8 5WZ. Following the Parish Council taking over the ownership of the Paddock, in 2018 the Parish Council dedicated the Paddock to the Fields in Trust project to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the end of the World War I. The Centenary Paddock is now protected as an open space for generations to come. The site includes furniture which is designed to mark the celebrations of the anniversary of the end of Work War I.
  • Leysland Open Space and Play Area, Sunbury Rise LE8 5XP. Including play equipment for toddlers and young teens and open space. A project to enhance and increase the amount of play equipment for the area was carried out in 2019.
  • Willoughby Road Playing Fields, Willoughby Road LE8 5UZ. Includes outdoor gym equipment, multi-use games area, table tennis and trim trail. Two junior football pitches are leased to a local football club.
  • The Square (adjacent to Countesthorpe Health Centre) LE8 5QJ. Includes seating and a heritage display board.
  • The Spinney, Leicester Road LE8 5RQ. Open space with tree planting.
  • Spoilbank, The Woodlands LE8 5RU
  • Countesthorpe Cemetery, Foston Road LE8 5QP. Please visit our Cemetery Page for further details.
  • St Andrew’s Church closed churchyard, Main Street LE8 5QX
  • The Bank planted area at junction with Scotland Way.
  • The Pound, Wigston Street LE8 5QX. Includes memorial bench dedicated to Councillor David Jennings.
  • Car Park, Central Street LE8 5QJ.

Areas of Open Space that are maintained by the Parish Council on behalf of other authorities

As well as the above, the Parish Council carries out maintenance and grass cutting of areas that are in the ownership of Leicestershire County Council or Blaby District Council. These include:-

  • Stroma Way/Orchard Close open space
  • Orkney Way open space
  • Shetland Way open space
  • Skye Way including footpath
  • Peatling End
  • Green Lane (hedgerow that adjoins The Spinney only)
  • Little Plantation footpath
  • Larchwood open space
  • The Vineries
  • Cosby Road/Winchester Road junction grass verge
  • Leicester Road (from Buckingham Road to sewage works entrance) includes a wildflower verge as part of Leicestershire County Council and Naturespot’s ‘Blue Heart’ campaign.

Other Open Spaces within Countesthorpe

Please note that Countesthorpe Parish Council is not responsible for the following open spaces and it is advisable to contact the relevant authority directly if you wish to raise an issue regarding these spaces:-

Countesthorpe Country Park
This area is owned and maintained by Blaby District Council - Contact telephone 0116 2750555.

Redrow Estate Open Space
This area is privately owned and managed on behalf of the residents by Betts Estates. Betts Estates have a dedicated email for reporting problems. The contact telephone number is 01886 888445.

Albert Road Play Area 

This area is owned and maintained by Persimmon Homes, Davidson House, Meridian Business Park, Leicester LE19 1WZ. The contact telephone number is 0116 2815600.


Street Furniture

Planters, Hanging Baskets and Benches 

Countesthorpe Parish Council maintains the planters and a number of benches located around the Village and arranges for a contractor to maintain the hanging baskets during the summer.

Bus Shelters

Counteshorpe Parish Council owns and maintains the following bus shelters:-
• The Bank
• Station Road, at Centenary Paddock
• Station Road, outside of the Village Hall
• Wigston Street (outside pub)
• All other bus shelters are owned by Leicestershire County Council

Displaying Banners

If you wish to display a banner on the Parish Council owned land, including the Centenary Paddock fence, permission should be obtained from the Parish Council. The Parish Council will give consideration to each application, however, it should be noted that the banner to be installed should be for no longer than a week prior to a proposed event. Banners for commercial activities or events cannot be approved as these do not comply with planning rules.