BLUE Campaign Wildflower Verge

Countesthorpe Parish Council is participating in Leicestershire County Council’s Blue Campaign which aims to promote biodiversity by re-introducing wildflowers and plants to roadside verges. In March 2021, an area on Leicester Road, between Buckingham Road and the Sewerage Works entrance has been designated at wildflower verge. In June 2021 the charity, Naturespot, will carry out an assessment of the existing wildflowers and grasses in the area so to inform the Parish Council of the most appropriate wildflower seeds and grasses to sow. By summer 2024 the wildflower verge should become fully established. Further detail of BLUE campaign can be found at Blue Campaign's Website.  

Naturespot has set up a page on their website for the Parish Council to add a list of wildflowers and wildlife. However, the Parish Council welcomes all to be involved, so once the verge starts to become established, anyone who spots wildlife, whether plants, animals or fungi, can submit a record of their findings on the website. If you manage to catch a photograph, all the better as these can also be uploaded to Naturespots's webpage dedicated to the Leicester Road wildflower verge. 

This is the guidance for for submitting spottings on the Naturespot site.  

NatureSpot carried out a survey of the grass verge on 1st June 2021 and the findings are in the document below:-

Survey and Management Recommendations

As at May 2021

Wildflower Verge 19th May 2021

Close up of Wildflower Verge May 2021

These are the photographs taken on 19th May 2021.  The images have been recorded on the Naturespot Page.

8th July 2021

Wildflower Verge 8th July 21