The Parish Council

It has been said that Parish Councils are the grass roots of democracy and the vital link in the chain between the People and their Government. Over more than one hundred years of existence their roles have changed many times and currently, amongst other things, they are responsible for making sure the relevant Local Authority does what is expected of them.

Running a Parish Council is always going to be a balance between what can be done and how much can sensibly be afforded.

The Parish Council meets at 7.30pm on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings are open to questions from Countesthorpe residents shortly after the meeting commences.

We value input from any residents of Countesthorpe. You can raise issues at our monthly meetings, or call into our office in the village hall - view opening hours and contact details.

If you have any query relating to the work of your local authority and who does what, then come to the Parish Council and we will be able to help.